Let's Kick January's Ass

With January right around the corner, I thought it would be a great opportunity to look at what I plan to do in January for the Happiness Project in a little more detail.  My goal is to increase my overall energy while putting some habits in place that I can carry with me through the remaining months.

I want to increase my energy by looking at a few small habits that I can build, and if accomplished, they will significantly increase my energy level.  I want to look at my health, my quality of sleep, organization around the house, and how to set the upcoming week for success. 


Exercising has always been the bane of my existence.  Unless it is playing basketball or swimming, sticking with an exercise routine is a very difficult thing for me to do.  I am always overly ambitious with my routines, which allows the lazy person in me to look for ways out of it. In the new year, I want to start small. Exercises that I can do in my own apartment, and exercises that won't take a huge time commitment. These will be things that I can do either in the morning or in the evening which is huge for me, because I need an exercise routine that is adaptable for what the day will bring.

In January, I am going to do a 30 day ab challenge.  It is something that I can break a sweat with, do it during the cold Chicago January, and hopefully build a good habit out of. 

Quality of Sleep

Lately my girlfriend (who's experiences with chronic illnesses you can read here) recently told me that I have been extra loud when I sleep.  She told me that it sounds like I am snoring and breathing heavily out of my mouth.  One possibility could be that I suffer from sleep apnea.

I have noticed over the past couple of years that I feel constantly tired throughout the day.  In the past, I have had used fitness trackers, such as the Microsoft Band, to track the quality of my sleep.  The results were always consistent -- I did not get quality sleep.

My hope is that through seeing a sleep doctor, I can get some sort of treatment that will help me sleep more soundly, and improve my overall energy.


One of my biggest passions is cooking, and right now the kitchen to the apartment is not organized very well.  This makes it feel like a chore to cook, because I am constantly struggling to find where a particular pot or pan is in the kitchen.  It just feels claustrophobic.

Through reorganization, I hope that my drive to cook at home will increase, and my creativity and desire to cook new things will also increase.  By cooking more at home, my goal is to eat cheaper, eat higher quality food, and eat at restaurants less. That should help to increase my overall energy.

Set for Success

My final goal to help increase my energy is to use Sunday to help setup the upcoming week for success.  My current habit is to use Sunday as a day to rest and reset, and often times I will avoid doing chores that need to be done.  My rational is that I work the next day, so it is important that I rest.  By avoiding my responsibilities I end up scrambling throughout the week, frustrated that I do not have clothes to wear, that the dishes are dirty, and that I do not have stuff for lunch ready for the week.  

For me, a week that is set for success will have the following things:

  • Laundry completed.  Fresh week, fresh clothes.
  • Food prepared for lunches during the week.  I would roast a turkey, a ham, or make some soup that I could use for my meals throughout the week.
  • All errands ran and chores completed.

It is vital for me that there is nothing carrying over from the previous week that would drain my energy.  I want to be primed to have a successful week.

I feel that if i am able exercise, improve my quality of sleep, reorganize the kitchen, and set my week up for success, it will go a long way towards improving my energy and building a strong foundation of habits that will help me with the remaining happiness project.